A region to fall in love with: the "Baden Tuscany"

The Kraichgau hilly countryside not only has a special charm, but also belongs to the historically valuable regions. And, thanks to the mild climate, it is also known as "Baden Tuscany".

In the Middle Ages, the town developed from a small settlement with fortifications, towers, strong walls and moats. The old castle and the pentagonal tower, which is the remainder of the defensive fortification, still testify to these beginnings. Built in 1448 as part of the second expansion of the city, the upper part was originally open to the city.  In 1726, the tower was supplemented by a timber-framed structure. Today, the tower is the landmark of Neckarbischofsheim.

Also due to the beautiful half-timbered houses, the Old Town Hall and the Totenkirche (parish church of St. John), the medieval flair and the historic significance of Neckarbischofsheim can be felt everywhere.