And once there was a castle ...

In the multi-faceted historical landscape of the Kraichgau-region that has evolved over the centuries, the old castle in Neckarbischofsheim dates back to a castle already mentioned in 1274. The castle park served as a defensive fortification and was surrounded by moats. There should have been a moat between the castle and the then outer bailey.

However, the castle got its present architectural appearance in the 16th century. During the Thirty Years' War in 1618, Bischofsheim was initially spared due to its seclusion and the negotiating skills of its rule. In the period from 6 March to 4 April 1622, Army Commander Tilly had his headquarters in the "Stone House" and led from there the preparations for the siege of Heidelberg.

The outer bailey was demolished in 1829 and the new castle built. In 1991, the municipal council decided to sell the building to the Heinrich Schäfer family from Michelfeld.  They converted the building, with the adjoining "orangery", into a hotel restaurant. The Schlosshotel has been located in this building since 2001.

The old castle, on the other hand, now houses the oldest wedding hall in the region, if not in the whole of Germany. Inside the former Knights’ Hall, murals from the 15th and 16th centuries can be admired. Since 1990, 684 couples have already been married in this 725-year-old building. The favourable location of the Schlosshotel, its event rooms and outstanding cuisine have especially contributed to the fact that more and more couples decide to tie the knot in Neckarbischofsheim.

Likewise, the old castle is home to a small local museum. Nothing of the former outbuildings of the castle is preserved. Only a magnificent archway from 1590 can be seen in the castle park. It is said that those who walk through the archway will have their wishes come true.